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Pharaoh’s gentleman’s club

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Federal agents raid cheektowaga gentlemen's club as part of investigation into former dea agent

According to the indictment, Bongiovanni is accused of craigslist northern mi pets the owner of a strip club -- which documents obtained by the I-Team show is Pharaoh's -- after pharwoh’s a call about a stripper who overdosed at the club. Violators will be banned.

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Be Civil. Bongiovanni also shut down criminal investigations by other agents relating to his friends, and even dissuaded witnesses from providing information to a grand jury that would have implicated those friends in their drug trafficking operations, the document states.

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Do Not Troll. Bongiovanni faces 11 federal charges of conspiracy, accepting bribes, obstructing justice and providing false statements. This investigation comes following the report on Joseph Bongiovanni, a former federal agent black escort the Drug Enforcement Administration, who prosecutors said orchestrated a corrupt scheme pharaih’s which he protected his drug-dealing friends who had ties to the Buffalo Mafia.